Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Happens When You Sit For Long Hours?

Most of us are accustomed to sit for long hours at our office desk. But did you know that there are various health hazards of it. Yes, sitting is not always relaxation. If you have to sit as long as 8-10 hours in the same position, then that might have serious consequences. Here are a few explanations as to why sitting for long hours can be bad for health.
What Happens When You Sit For Long?

Back Ache- Most of the times you will find people complaining of an acute backache. Well, this is nothing but the stiffness of the muscles that is caused because of sitting for a long time. If you sit for long then it might either be a low backache or an ache through the whole spine. Avoid such health hazards of sitting by consulting a doctor.
Disrupts Metabolic Functions- Some recent researches have proved that if you sit for long hours then the metabolic system in your body gets disrupted. There are worse sides to it. The disrupted metabolic system leads to decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. This cholesterol is good for the body and the decreased levels of it gives rise to health problems.
Increased Chances Of Diabetics- Sitting for long hours has serious health hazards. It causes a decreased insulin sensitivity. And this affects women more than men. Women who sit for long hours have an increased chance of incurring diabetics than men. Inflammation is also increased due to the same. So, if you are at home then it is better that you avoid sitting in your leisure time. Engage yourself in other activities like cleaning tghe house and try to stay fit.
Neck Pain- If you have a neck pain due to sitting erect for long hours, then you must immediately go for a medical consultation. This might be spondilytis. It happens primarily due to the inflammation of the vertebral joints. So, why not try a casual walk sometimes to avoid sitting for long hours at a long stretch.
Die Early- Recent researches have proved that the more long you sit, the faster you may die. This is because the body goes into a complete shutdown. You also develop higher level of blood fats and lower levels of good cholesterol if you sit for long. These increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus there are increased chances of a heart attack and other fatal diseases.
You can avoid all the bad affects of sitting for long by exercising on a regular basis.

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